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Root Canal Therapy

It used to be called a "root canal" until the American Association of Endodontists redesignated it "Non-surgical Endodontic Therapy." It is the same thing, same basic process, same materials.

Instrumentation, irrigation and filling techniques have changed enough to have alleviated a lot of the "experiences" folks used to have with "root canal" treatment so the specialty decided to give the procedure a new name.

Why Do I Need It?

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The pulp, or soft inner tissue is important during the tooth's development. Once a tooth is fully mature, the tooth can survive without the pulp because the tooth is nourished by tissues surrounding it. The pulp is normally surrounded and protected by a layer of dentin.

When a cavity is very deep a tooth’s pulp (commonly called the “nerve”) can become infected. Rather than extracting the infected tooth root canal therapy can be performed and the tooth can be saved. ┬áBy removing the infected pulp and sealing the root canal the hard structure of the tooth can be maintained and repaired with a filling or crown.

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